The following is an outline of procedures to be followed when those with nationalities other than China, Russia or NIS countriesf national apply for temporary visitor visas (for a stay in Japan of up to 90 days) for such purposes as short-term business affairs, visits to relatives/acquaintances, and tourism.
Application form varies according to nationality and purpose of visit. Please check before the application.

A visa application for gshort-term business affairs, etc.h means a visa application for the following purposes:
    Cultural exchange, exchange between municipalities, sports exchange, etc.
    Business liaison, participation in meetings, business consultations, contract signing, after-sales service,        advertising, market research, etc., conducted for business purposes during a short period of stay in Japan

A visa application for gvisiting relatives/acquaintances, etc.h means a visa application for the purpose of visiting     relatives (in principle, the spouse, blood relatives and relatives by affinity of up to the third degree) and     acquaintances (including friends), or for the purpose of tourism.

(Note) In either case, it is not permitted to perform activities to undertake revenue-generating business operations or          activities to receive remuneration.

yGeneral Points to Consider in Visa Applicationz@@Be sure to read the following.


An inviting person/guarantor needs to prepare the gDocuments provided from Japanh on the list shown at the end of the list of visa application.


When these documents are ready, an inviter/guarantor shall send them to a visa applicant. Please be sure to send these documents to a visa applicant, not to the Consulate General of Japan in Dubai. The Consulate General of Japan in Dubai shall not receive the REQUIRED ORIGINAL DOCUMENT by E-mail or Fax. It is recommended for an inviting person/guarantor to personally keep a duplicate file copy of these documents.


A visa applicant needs to prepare (1)identification documents other than a passport, and (2)supporting documents, in addition to gbasic documentsh on the list.
(1)Examples of identification documents: Birth certificate, a copy of identification card(ID), a copy of a driverfs license, etc.
(2)Examples of supporting documents: Residence certificate, marriage certificate, curriculum vitae, etc.


The Consulate General of Japan in Dubai is authorized to issue a visa to UAE nationals and those who possess residential status in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah or Umm Al Quwain Emirates.
Therefore, those applicants who reside in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain Emirates must apply for a visa to Japan to the Embassy of Japan in the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi.
When all required documents are ready, the visa applicant may submit an application for a visa to the Consulate General of Japan in Dubai (The application cannot be done in Japan).



The required documents shall be valid at the time of visa application, and shall be submitted within three months of the date of issue. For those documents written in a local language need to attach English translation. Documents submitted at the time of application are not to be returned to the applicants except passport.


The Consulate General of Japan in Dubai will examine the application approximately four working days including the day of the submission of the application, though examination may vary depending on the contents of the application. The applicant may be requested to submit additional documents that are deemed necessary for the examination. Furthermore, the documents may be forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for further examination in Japan
(Example of additional documents: Birth Certificate, Previous passport, ID, Companyfs seal registration Certificate, Photos, Letters)


The validity of a visa is three months. The period of validity cannot be extended.



The results of the examination are notified to the visa applicant at a counter of the Consulate General of Japan in Dubai.


Points to note when documents are prepared in Japan

  iPj Letter of Reason for Invitation   (Note) The form of the gLetter of Reason for Invitation (A4 size)h
The letter should be addressed to the Consul General.
Please state the purposes of entry in detail to explain activities planned in Japan. (Describe the specific activities, instead of vague references such as gtourism,h gvisiting acquaintancesh or gvisiting relatives.h )
    icj In the column for an inviting person, be sure to specify the address, full name and phone number, and please put your company seal or representative's seal on this form. Private seals are unacceptable. In case your company/organization does not have an approporiate seal, a signiture written by the person in charge would be acceptable.
Please write the full name of an applicant using the Roman alphabet. When there are two or more applicants, write in gxx additional applicants, as shown in an attached list of namesh following the full name of the representative applicant, and attach a list that enumerates the nationalities, full names, occupations and dates of birth of all the applicants.
Schedule of Stay@ (Note) The form of gSchedule of Stay (A4 size)h
Please be sure to enter the date of arrival and departure. Flights and airports/ports to be used for arrival and departure needed to be written.
Write in the place of stay in detail (in the case of a hotel, its name, address and the phone number).
    icj The schedule of stay needs to be written for each day, including detailed information above.
Letter of Guarantee (Note) The form of the gLetter of Guarantee (A4 size)h
Be sure to complete all items in the Letter of Guarantee, as the omission of even a single item renders the Letter of Guarantee incomplete (the same goes for an omission of a seal).
Complete the form in the same manner as the Letter of Reason for Invitation.
A Certified Copy of the Family Register

Submit an original copy of the family register issued by the head of administration of the registered domicile, issued within the last three months.

Certificate of Income

Submit an original copy of the Certificate of Income issued by the head of administration of the place of residence that describes the gross income for the previous year (if not available, for the year before last).

Certificate of Tax Payment

Submit an original copy of the Certificate of Tax Payment issued by the director of the taxation office with jurisdiction over the place of residence that describes the gross income for the previous year (if not available, for the year before last) (Form 2).


Acopy of the counterfoil final tax return

Please submit a copy of the counterfoil of final tax return with the seal of reception of the Tax Office. (e-Tax: please submituReciept notificationv and uFinal tax returnv.



Documents on an Inviting Organization in the Case of the Purpose of gShort-Term Business Affairs, etc.h
(When asked to submit)
An inviting organization, in principle, should be a corporate body, an organization, the state or a local government. However, for example, if a university is extending an invitation for the purpose of exchanges under the name of a professor, the university is recognized as an inviting organization.
In the case of an organization registered as an incorporated entity, submit a certified copy of the incorporation register issued within the last three months (not necessary for the state or a local government). In the case of a company listed on a stock exchange in Japan, it may alternatively submit a copy of the latest edition of a quarterly corporate report.

In the case of an organization not registered yet as an incorporated entity, prepare gAn Overview of the Company/Organizationh and submit in lieu of an original of the register. The form of gAn Overview of the Company/Organization (A4 size)h is shown on Page 9.

In the case of an invitation by a university professor or an individual, submit the gCertificate of Employmenth instead.

sWork and Long-term Stayst

When an application for visa is made for the purpose of employment, residency, etc. in Japan, it is necessary for a proxy in Japan to obtain the gCertificate of Eligibilityh and for the visa applicant to file a visa application to the Japanese embassy/consulate-general by submitting the original copy of the Certificate of Eligibility.
In order to obtain the Certificate of Eligibility, a proxy in Japan should make an application with the nearest Regional Immigration Bureau of the Ministry of Justice to the proxyfs place of residence in Japan (an application for Certificate of Eligibility cannot be made at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
When the Certificate of Eligibility cannot be obtained for some reason, a visa application can be made directly at the Japanese embassy/consulate-general. Please be advised that in such a case, it may take considerable time before the outcome of the examination of a visa application is known.
<<Visa for Medical Stay>>

"Visa for Medical Stay" is a visa issued to foregin patients wishing to visit Japan for medical purposes (including full medical check-ups). The visa is issued to their accompanying person(s) as well if necessary and as needed.
Please check the following linkeage :

<<Japan Visa Application from the residents of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen>>
When applying for a Japan visa, residents of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen are advised to contact the Consulate for detailed information.

sAnnouncement about issuance of multiple short-term visa for? UAE-nationals who reside in UAEt

From October 15th 2013, The Japanese government will accept one-year or three-year-valid multiple entry visa applications for UAE nationals who reside in the UAE as ordinary passport holders.
The applicantfs visit must be for the purpose of short-term and non-paid activities (business affairs, tourism, or visiting relatives or friends/acquaintances) as defined by the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, and the maximum duration of a stay is 90 days per trip.
As for greater details, please refer to the following list of the required documents for multiple visa entry application:

sIssuance of Multiple Entry Visas for Short-term Stay for Nationals of Indiat

The Government of Japan has decided to begin issuance of multiple entry visas for short-term stay to nationals of India (ordinary passport holders) from July 3 2014. Please check the following LINK

As for greater details, please refer to the following list of the required documents for multiple visa entry application:

List of Applications

  For UAE Nationals        

For all those who are not UAE, Chinese, Russian or NIS countriesf Nationals and not engaged in Used Cars and Electronics business)


For Used Car and Electronics business


For Chinese , Russian and NIS countriesf National

  yProvided by visa applicantz is same as above 1.`3.        
  yProvided by Inviterzis varies nationality to another. Please prepare your documents according to your Nationality.        
. 5.   Multiple Visa for Nationals of India        

Forms for the application

Application form for Visa (English)
Sample of the Application Form (English)
Letter of Reason for Invitation (Japanese) (English)
List of Visa Applicant form (Japanese) (English)
Schedule of Stay (Japanese) (English)
Sample of Schedule of Stay (Japanese) (English)
Letter of Guarantee (Japanese) (English)
Form of Overview of the Company/Organization (Japanese) (English)
Visa Fees
Visa Fees
Exemption of Visas
Please check the website of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan for exemption of Visas
    Foreign nationals are required to be taken fingerprints and a facial photograph when examination for landing. More informaition please see "Outline of New Immigration Procedures".


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